My Nordic Space

A collection of home decor from some of the best Danish brands, 

curated for people who, like me,  love their home. I mean really love their home. 

Handmade wooden spoons


I love to celebrate nature by using natural materials  such as wood, stone, linen & wool to create layers of texture in a home - a  simple interior certainly doesn't have to be flat  or formulaic & nature has a wonderful way of being perfectly imperfect.

'wabi-sabi'  the art of perfect imperfection.

Eames style chairs available in various colours


I believe in good functional design - simple, elegant pieces made from quality materials that will stand the test of time. Investing in a few key pieces of furniture allows  the creation of uncluttered spaces that can be layered up with natural textiles such as wool and fur to create a home that is calm, warm and welcoming. 

'lagom' just the right amount – not too little, not too much.

Scandinavian interior overlooking lake


My colour palette is neutral, using the muted tones found in nature. I crave light and keeping interiors neutral helps to bounce light around. Lamps and candles are wonderful to create pools of light and provide a warm, cozy glow in the evening.

'hygge' cosiness of the soul; enjoying good company, good food, candlelight...