Faux Boston Fern

Faux Boston Fern


This Faux Boston Fern is perfect for creating a much tropical paradise but without the effort of watering ….this is a zero risk method of gardening!

This will look great potted up or placed in one of our hanging planters to add a touch of greenery to your interior, wherever its needed. This faux fern has a mixture of established leaves and new ‘fiddleheads’ to ensure it is botanically accurate.

The plant comes on a spike so can be ‘potted’ in the ground, in a pot, a window box or a vase with ease. The fronds can be positioned when planted to ensure your plant looks realistic, when dressed out. This stunning specimen is 40cm wide!

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Size; 40cm high and 40cm wide when dressed out

Material; Polyester silk & soft plastic

Care; Occasional blast with cool hairdryer or water spray to remove dust