Faux Giant Boston Fern Plant

Faux Giant Boston Fern Plant


This Faux Giant Boston Fern is just stunning- 100% botanically accurate as well as being UV stable, so won’t fade in the sunlight - it will maintain its good looks for years to come!

This wonderful plant has 42 separate fronds in various shades of green to mimic a real Boston Fern perfectly as well as having both established leaves and new ‘fiddleheads’.

The plant comes on a spike so can be ‘potted’ in the ground, in a pot, a window box or a vase with ease. The fronds can be positioned when planted to ensure your plant looks realistic, when dressed out. This stunning specimen is 80cm wide!

This Boston Fern would look stunning in a garden but really comes into its own in a garden room or conservatory where the genuine article would require a huge amount of care ! This faux fern can also be placed in a hanging planter to bring instant life and botanical vibrancy to any corner of your home!

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Size; 60cm high and 80cm wide when dressed out

42 Fronds

Material; Polyester silk & soft plastic

Care; Occasional blast with cool hairdryer or water spray to remove dust