Faux Single Fern Frond 70cm

Faux Single Fern Frond 70cm


These single Fern Fronds look stunning arranged in a vase and are the perfect way to add some botanicals to your interior!  Each frond is 70 cm long and 100% botanically accurate so will make a real impact in your home without the risk of wilting or dropping leaves- this Fern Frond will look good for years to come!

This faux Fern Frond is incredibly convincing! Made from a fine plastic, it is hard wearing and durable, whilst still retaining a softness, closely mimicking a living Fern. 

These Faux Fern Fronds look very current and impactive displayed in a vase on their own but are also very useful to add structure and weight to a display of real flowers.

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Size; L70cm

Material; Polyester silk & soft plastic

Care; Occasional blast with cool hairdryer or water spray to remove dust